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Ulta Beauty is an online web portal that has about 500 centers across the USA. Customers who are beauty conscious and want to look gorgeous and live an exuberant lifestyle should never miss this place. One can find a lot happening here so be sure to visit at www.ulta.com. While shopping at Ulta Beauty, one can obtain many benefits such as discount coupons, gift cards, and points on purchases. Such activities do encourage customers to make more purchases at affordable prices. The article speaks about various credit cards applicable in making bill pay on Ulta Beauty products.

Ulta Beauty Bill Pay Spring March 2022 Black Friday, Rewards:

Ultamate rewards can be obtained when a customer goes through three steps Shop, Earn and Redeem.

1. Shop: A person can avail benefit of the beauty service with every purchase of products. On every dollar spent, the purchaser earns points proportionally from Ulta Beauty.

2. Earn More: Ulta issues bonus point offers to customers and one can view them in emails, and app notifications.

3. Redeem:

  • A customer can redeem the points towards the purchase of any product or beauty service.
  • In the process of adjusting the points against the money,  the customer is never charged for it.
  • Ulta issues these rewards to every Ulta product and beauty service and the rewards on purchases go high.
  • When a customer enrolls for Ultamate rewards membership thus benefiting the purchaser to get a product for a much lower price.


To benefit the customer, Ulta has released a membership card besides free membership, platinum ($500) & diamond ( $1200) per year.

1. Points on Purchase:

  • A free member shall be rewarded with one point on the purchase of $ 1 value on beauty products. For Platinum membership holders, the Ulta rewards 1.25 points and for Diamond membership holders, the company will reward 1.5 points on every dollar spent on a purchase.
  • If a customer checks the validity of the points, bonus points and savings is made possible for all category of members, likewise redeem for discounts is also allowed to avail by all members.
  • If the accumulated points are not redeemed by the completion of a year then free members will lose all the unutilized points. The acquired points do not expire for platinum and diamond membership plans.  

2. Birthdays: The diamond and platinum members can benefit immensely through their birthday and extras announced by the Ulta. For birthdays, platinum and diamond members are given a discount coupon of $10 exclusively.

3. Extra: Further in the extra column, free members are not entitled for exclusive deals, gifts, early access, diamond gift, $25 services reward, and free shipping worth $25. Platinum members are allowed to avail the benefit of the above-stated ones excluding the diamond gift. For diamond members, one is entitled to all the extra services that Ulta provides.

4. Free standard shipping on $35 purchases.

Ultamate Rewards Credit Card for Ultamate Reward Seekers Only:

1. Customers who are enrolled in the Ultamate Rewards program can become Ultamate Rewards Credit cardholders exclusively.

2. Ulta Beauty reserves the rights, terms, and conditions of the rewards program, and if any changes are made the customers shall be updated accordingly.

3. Ultamate rewards credit card accounts shall be issued by Comenity Capital Bank.

4. The credit purchase limit provided to the customer depends on the bank’s discretion.

Benefits of Ultamate Rewards Credit Card:

1. 20 percent off on all products and services on customers’ first Ulta beauty purchases.

2. Every time a customer does shop at Ulta Beauty, one can avail of 2 points per $1 spent.

3. Customers can Manage Accounts on Ultamate Rewards Credit Card.

4. With the enrollment of credit card accounts, customers can make payment of the Ulta bills online 

5. A customer can view the history of transactions on the account activity.

6. A customer can check the credit card balance. It enables them to maintain their purchase limits. 

7. The credit card provides complete updates on the customers’ purchase information.

8. The members of the Ultamate Rewards credit card users are exempted from the annual fee at Comenity Capital Bank.

Benefits of Ultamate Rewards MasterCard:

1. Customers can benefit more if they get enrolled for the Ultimate Rewards Mastercard. In fact, the benefits that are obtained on Ultamate rewards credit cards do extend to Ultamate Rewards MasterCard customers. Additional facilities provided on a MasterCard are: 

2. For every $3 spent outside of Ulta Beauty, 1 point gets added as a reward point.

3. If a customer spends $500 in the first ninety days outside of Ulta Beauty then one shall be rewarded with five hundred welcome bonus points.

Customer Registration at Ulta beauty: 

1st Step: The customer should visit the Ulta Beauty Portal i.e. https://www.ulta.com/ and tap on the sign-in Option.

Signin page

2nd Step: On the Sign-in page, the Customers should Create an account through the ‘Register for Access’ on the sign-in page.

create account option

3rd Step: The Customer should enter the Credit card account number, ZIP code, and last four digits of the Social Security Number, username, password, Email ID & Phone number and register on the ulta Beauty portal.

create an account form

Login Credentials to Make Ulta Bill Pay Online:

1. The customers should enter the same portal and make a hit on the sign-in Option.

2. The Customers should enter the user name and password and log in to the Ulta beauty page.

Ulta Beauty signin page

3. And, the customers should add the checking account number as well as the bank routing number, and Then, one must pay the bill payment accordingly.

Important Note: The website allows customers to view, manage, and update the profiles @anytime from anywhere.

Ulta Help Desk: A customer can make a call at 1-866-983-8582 between 7 am – 11 pm CT, 7 days a week.                                      

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