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Somnath Print Portal Login: It has been observed that every day several web portals rise and fall on the Internet and sometimes erroneous information is circulated. Somnath print portal pledged to build a strong resource of information that is purely original and safe for users to seek a better experience on the world wide web. Hence, the company began to focus on PVC CARDS and customers are invited to enter this section for it. Somnath Print Portal provides digital services such as PAN cards, Aadhar cards, and mobile charges. It is a single platform that provides digital services of documentation.

Somnath Print Portal Login:

1. The Customer should meet the Somnath Print Portal i.e.

2. The Customer must then click the login link made available on the tab.

Somnath Print Portal login

3. The web portal shall display the ‘welcome to somnath print portal’ dialog box. The Customer must enter the user ID, password, and ‘click here to login’ button.

Somnath Print Portal Login page

Forgot Password:

1. In case a registered customer forgets the password then one must click the ‘forget password’ link on the tab and it shall display the ‘self reset now’ page.

forgot password page

2. The customer must enter the registered mobile number at the registration form and click the submit button.

enter mobile number

3. The customer must follow the instructions and complete the retrieval of the password and progress to log in to the customer’s web login page. 

Customer Registration:

1. The Customers should enter the Portal i.e.

2. The Somnath Portal shall display the index page and for fresh registration, one must click the new registration link available on the tab.

click the new user registration

3. The customer must enter the user type, user ID, user full name, address state, and city, email ID, mobile ID, password, confirm password, and remarks and click the save button.

enter the details here

Pricing Details at Somanth Print Portal:

1. A customer can understand various pricing details for different kinds of users such as retailer (INR 399), distributor (INR 699), super distributor (INR 999), channel partner (INR 1199), and maintenance fee ( INR 300 for all users). The customer can reach out to the pricing page at

2. The company provides services such as mobile recharge, pan card service, 24/7 support, and 24/7 billing.

3. Five kinds of identities as mentioned above can operate and they will have to remit the price as mentioned above in brackets.

4. A distributor can add unlimited retailers, a super distributor can add (unlimited distributors & Retailers), and channel partners can add unlimited super distributors, unlimited distributors & retailers).

Refund Policy:

1. Refund should be the last resort for anybody to withdraw the subscription hence Somnath recommends helping solve the problem incurred by the customers. The usual time taken to respond to the ticket is 24/72 hours.

2. A customer must buy the digital media (Software) and it is made available to make an instant download. The company doesn’t encourage a trial period or grace period and the refunds are hardly agreed upon.

3. Don’ts: The product can be subjected to a refund only if the downloaded product service is unused.

4. Remember: The customer shall be banned from the Somnath website if one opens a paypal dispute/UPI report after receiving the product delivery.

Privacy policy at somnath print portal:

1. The web portal can utilize the information collected from the customer such as name, company name, email address, and telephone numbers.

2. The information collected from the various resources can be used to maintain and build the website.

3. The information can be used to personalize and expand the website. The web portal developers can analyze to understand the visitor’s/customers’ usage of the web pages.

4. The information can also enable the company to develop new features, functionalities, and newer products.

5. The web portal can use the customers’ emails to communicate with them. In addition, the information can be utilized to check and prevent fraud if any.

6. The log files are formulated when a visitor visits the website. The information of the customer’s log files is used to analyze the marketing trends, administer the web portal, track movements of the visitors/customers on the web portal, and also collect demographic information. The web portal provides reasons behind collecting the information from the customers.

Helpdesk at Somnath:

1. Customers can approach the ‘about us page to collect information about the products and services offered by the Somnath print portal. In certain circumstances, a customer may fail to obtain the necessary information to further progress in the web portal. Then, one can contact the customer support department over email:

2. A customer can feel free to contact at the official address: shop no 78, somnath prints, sector 64, noida, sector 64201301 and contact @ 9473685057.

Contact Us:

1. A customer must enter the web portal’s contact page address in the address bar and click the search bar. Or Click the contact us link made available on the tab of the pricing page

2. The web portal shall lead to the get in touch with us page.

3. The customer must enter the username, email, and whatsapp number and then enter the message and click the ‘send message button.

Important Note: This is not the State or Central govt Portal. It is the Private Services. So, Readers are advised to be careful before signing up for the Somnath Print Portal services. The Users need to Know everything from the Somnath Portal. We have collected information from the different re-souces and kept it here and we are not recommended to register on it. 

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