SCV Login 2022 SCV Lite 2 app Water Customer, Operator login

SCV Login: SCV has made its presence for 2 decades in South India and is the most trusted brand in the Indian Cable Television market. The company is established in Tamil Nadu and has pioneered in cable technology and maintains the latest technology and best practices. The technology is equipped with highly sophisticated infrastructure and the accurate resource delivery provides an uninterrupted TV watching experience.

The company has developed its state-of-the-art control room and the technical team is equally qualified to execute the cable operations. The company makes frequent updates with innovative breakthroughs in cable technology.  The management team is highly knowledge-based and has a taste to introduce the updated innovative technologies in place. The company provides the highest SD channels and HD channels such as 300 & 90. Be it SD or HD technology, the company’s set-top boxes possess high-quality chipsets. 

SCV Login 2022 SCV Lite 2 app Water Customer, Operator login

The technology provides good sood quality surround effect at home that one senses in cinema theaters. The set-top boxes are equipped with the latest technologies such as HDMI output, USB recording, pause play live TV and multiple language options.  The company provides a unique remote that manages both the TV and the STB. The adverse weather conditions can distract the signals but on the deployment of the SCV digital network, such situations hardly are confronted. SCV Digital Cable System has two technologies put in place to extend the services to their customers.

It explores the digital channel referring to SCV standard definition & SCV High Definition. The standard definition set-top box contains a set-top box, a digital service, stereo sound, crystal clear picture, maximum channels, USB recording, program guide, and parent lock. SCV High definition comprises a set-top box and it claims to be the first company to issue it. It incorporates digital service, stereo sound, HD picture, USB recording, pause/play live TV, 90+ HD channels, and 300+ SD Channels.

SVC Benefits Employees at myhrm Portal:

The company serves its employees through myhrms SCV website. The website has introduced several features that easen the working conditions of the employees. The website is featured biometrically integration, leave management, timesheet management, an automated payroll system, performance tracking, and multi-company support.

SVC Employees Login at

1. The employees should visit the link

2. The website shall return the Dolgin web portal’s login page for the employee to make an entry to the employee’s dashboard.

3. The employee will have to enter the user ID as well as the password and hit the sign-in Option. 

Forgot Password:

1. The employee must insert the employee code and click the send button.

2. The website shall deliver the procedure to the employee the process involved in the retrieval of the forgotten password.

First-time Entrant to the SCV’s employee HRMS:

1. The employee must click the first-time login link made available on the login page.

2. The website shall redirect to the ‘first-time login’ dialog box and then one must enter the employee code and click the submit button. For any reason, if one wants to cancel the entry then click on the cancel button.

3. The website shall confirm the login credentials and all it is needed is to follow the instructions given in the SCV’s webpage.

SCV Customer Login:

The website’s page provides an entry to the customer and enables them to seek a quick connection to the digital service system.

1. The customer can make an entry through the customer login page

2. The customer can enter the customer login page through any of the selected modes namely smartcard (STBID/VC/SMC).

SCV Login

3. The customer must insert any of them & enter the password, captcha, and click the login button.

Get Password :

1. To reset the password or Forgot the password, the Customer should tap on the Get password link available on the login page. The website shall redirect to the get password dialogue.

SCV Login Get Password

2. The user must use the smart card (STBID/VC/SMC) number or the registered mobile number to get the OTP for validation.

3. The Customer should enter the code and hit the submit option. The user must follow the website instructions to retrieve the password.

New Customer for Registration:

1. For a new customer, first, one should go to the link and click the search button. The website shall open the login page of the customer.

2. The user must click the ‘click here to register link and adjacent to it one can find a method to update the registered mobile number, RMN. 

New Customer register at SCV login page

3. The dialogue box shall display RMN update, one must enter the smartcard (STBID/VC/SMC), enter the new RMN, and then insert the code and click the submit button.

smartcard register

New Customer’s Username:

1. The Customer must click the link ‘click to create User ID by customer’s email.’ and the same login page.

Create ID

2. The website shall display a username registration dialogue box. And, one must follow the steps to create a username.

3. The customer must enter the mode Smartcard (STBID/ VC/ SMC), username, and the code then click the submit button. The website shall generate the username as mentioned in the blank.

Customer Care Helpline at SCV Portal:

A customer should approach the customer care helpline’s toll-free helpline number 1800-102-0728 and for SCV’s chargeable number 044-43757575. The customer info channel is 999 and for escalation, one must write to the nodal officer The helpline is available for the customer through the year from 8:00 am to 12:00 midnight. 

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