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Rediffmail Login: Rediff is an Internet Company that hosts news, entertainment, sports, shopping portal and provides access to mailing systems. Mr. Ajit Balakrishnan, IIM Kerala, is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of, established in 1996, and by 2009 it catered to 300 employees. Headquartered in Mumbai, and regional offices in Bengaluru, New Delhi, and New York City.

Rediffmail Pro is the extension of Rediffmail and comes up with excellent features. The powerful features include multiple email IDs, POP3 access, bigger storage, 10 MB attachment limit. The rediffmail Professional runs the business associate programme, web hosting, and additional features on the mailing.

Rediffmail Professional is an advanced version built to hold mobile compatibility. It contains features that benefit the end-users in several ways such as:

1. An advanced anti-virus, and spam protection, additional IDs as when required, unmatched reliability, and dependability.

2. It functions on POP3 accessibility and sends and receives mail from a mobile.

With so many benefits for the end-user, one may find it interesting to utilize the services. It is made possible provided one must register, and log in. The below lines speak in detail about how to log in, create an account, and recover the password if lost or forgotten.

Rediffmail Login:

1. To access the rediffmail inbox page, Users will have to reach the web address

2. On the rediffmail home screen, Users need to hit on the icon and it will redirect to a new page of the login sheet. 

3. On the Login sheet, Users should enter the logins and hit on go button.

4. The web portal shall redirect to the rediffmail page. On the left panel of the webpage, one can click on the links and check for inbox mails, compose mails, and several features are made available for the users.

Recover the password of

1. In order to recover the password, Users should reach the link

2. The Rediff Server shall open the rediffmail login page and on the top right corner of the page, one can find a ‘sign in’ link. The user should hit on the link and it will reach a fresh tap.

3. The new window contains a rediff ID, Password, Sign-in, and ‘Forgot password?’ Options. Users should tap on the ‘Forgot password?‘ link.

4. The link shall redirect to a new web page that contains my email ID column, and the user must insert the in the blank. Then, click the next button. And the web page shall redirect to another page.

5. In the next step, the web portal asks for confirmation to justify the user credentials. For that, the user must activate the button and then click on the Next button and it shall lead to the next ‘verification page.’ The web portal sends a one-time OTP to the registered mobile number.

6. On the next verification page, to get the new password one will have to follow the stated steps.

  • The user must enter the registered mobile number and type in the image of the code, and click on the Next button.
  • The web portal shall send a four-digit SMS to the registered mobile number and the user must type in the code in the empty column and click the proceed button.
  • In case a user doesn’t find OTP in the SMS of a mobile phone then click on the resend SMS link made available next to the empty column box.

7. The web portal shall lead to the next webpage and it signifies as success! verification is complete/

  • Now, the user must enter the new password in the empty column, and then retype the new password. Click on the update button.
  • The dialog box shall display whether to save the password on the browser or not. If not interested the user can click on the don’t save button and further progress.
  • The portal of rediff shall display a page, ‘your password has been changed successfully.

8. To enter, the user must click on the ‘click here to login’ link.

9. The user must enter the login credentials and even the changed password, then click on the login. The portal shall take to the mail inbox. In the mail, it shall specify that ‘your password has been changed with date and time on display.’ It also identifies the IP address on which the password has been changed.

Register for

1. To register on the Reddiff portal, Users should visit the link

2. The browser shall open the homepage of and on the top right side, click on the hyperlink: ‘create a rediffmail account.

3. And it shall redirect to a new dialog box that states ‘Create a rediffmail account.’

rediffmail create account page

4. User shall enter the full name and choose the rediff Id, and check the availability. The new user must enter the password, then retype the password and provide the alternate email address.

5. In case the user doesn’t hold an alternate address then click on the button, ‘if you don’t have the alternate ID’, and then, select a question from the dropbox and answer that question.

6. In addition, enter the mother’s maiden name and then proceed to enter phone number, date of birth, gender, country, and city.

7. Enter the image in the empty box and click on the ‘create my account.’ After registration, on the new page, it shall display that registration successfully.

8. Further, the User should enter the education, occupation and click, send me daily news in the inbox.

9. Click on the relevant available data and then click on the ‘go-to inbox.‘ And it shall open the user’s account.

Rediffmails app download:

The Users can directly download the Rediffmail android or IOS version mobile application through the Google Play Store. You can able to view the app here. After installing the app, you can create an account and get the updates from the rediff portal.

rediffmail login app

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