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Key2benefits Login: Keybank creates an interactive financial platform between state agencies and US citizens enrolled for government-sponsored programs. The bank devises a Key2Benefit prepaid card that features all the existing services held by regular banks’ debit cards. If a program beneficiary desires for debit card services then the banker issues a Key2benefits prepaid debit card. Every month, the beneficiary shall get a prefixed monetary fund in the debit card and is allowed to avail all the available services under the debit card schemes.

The beneficiary can transfer the funds from the Key2benefits prepaid card to the current or saving accounts partly, or fully depending upon the beneficiary’s requirements.

A beneficiary can be entitled to enjoy the below benefits:

  • Unemployment insurance
  • Child support payments
  • workers compensation
  • Crisis intervention
  • Adult public assistance
  • General Assistance
  • Pension funds
  • housing authorities
  • Temporary assistance to needy families
  • State supplement assistance

Key2benefits Login app Check Balance Prepaid Card Activation:

Beneficiaries Obtain Key2Benefits Prepaid Cards in 2-3 Weeks:

1. A state agency should recommend the name of the beneficiary to the key2benefit prepaid card service provider and it usually takes 2-3 weeks time for the card to reach the beneficiary. The status of the dispatched prepaid card can be checked on the keybank web portal

2. An enrolled citizen for the program can check the status on the ‘Key2benefits card status.’ Incidentally, it may happen that the citizen’s card displays the wrong personal details then one will have to contact the state agency directly.

3. If the keybank identifies a suspicious transaction, the banker shall make a call on the number as mentioned on the prepaid card.

4. Until the beneficiary doesn’t respond to the call and provides a needful clarification on the transaction/transactions, the keybank shall lock the prepaid debit card account. In such circumstances, the beneficiary must get the card unlocked by justifying the withheld transactions to a customer support representative. Either one must call Keybank @ 866-295-2955 or contact the State of Indiana @ 833-459-3452. 

Prepaid Card Operational Limitations:

A prepaid cardholder can avail four types of financial transactions, such as ATM withdrawals ($1,500), Point-of-sale (PIN) cashback can be as much as $2,500.00 and bank teller withdrawal ( $5,000.00), transfer of funds to another account ($500). Key2Benefits card will not approve purchases that cross the available limit of funds. The prepaid card will not provide interest on the available funds

Beneficiary Key2benefits Card Activation:

1. A beneficiary must activate the card by following the instruction written on the backside of the prepaid card. The beneficiary must call the number and patiently follow the prompts.

2. One must have the card number, the last four digits of the social security number, and CVV, a three-digit number on the backside of the prepaid card.

3. To activate the card, one can listen to welcome greetings. The beneficiary must press 1 ‘I have a card.’ press 1, ‘To activate the card’

4. The beneficiary must either key in or speak loudly the card number and the voice recognition device shall activate the card.

5. The keybank prompts the beneficiary to create a personal identification number or PIN.

6. The user can utilize ATMs and Merchant points of sale to have cashback with the purchase.  

Key2Benefits card cashback option on purchases:

Key2Benefits Card can be operated on the Mastercard features and it allows the user to debit amounts online, phone, and mail order purchases. The key2benefit cards can be utilized for ATM card withdrawals, banks or credit unions, or through cashback with purchases. The funds shall be deducted from the key2benefits card balance.

Enroll to Utilize

1. The beneficiary must open the website, enter the first nine digits of the prepaid card, and hit the submit button.

2. For new Users, enter the 16-digit number, PIN, and card security code made available on the backside of the prepaid card. 

3. The Cardholders make sure to enter the code as it appears in the shaded area and hit the continue option.

4. The KeyBank page will prompt the Cardholders to set up a user ID as well as a password for future access.

5. The beneficiary must enter the first nine digits and then click the submit button.

Key2benefits Login:

1st Step: After receiving the Key2benefits Unemployment Card, the Cardholders should visit the official portal link.

2nd Step: The Cardholders should scroll down the Keybank page & enter the nine-digit number of the card and click the submit button.

Forgot Password Option:

One needs to reset the PIN, and the steps to be followed are in this manner.

1. The Cardholder must log in to the key2benefits login account. The beneficiary must select the change pin and then one can find the change PIN screen.

3. The beneficiary (Cardholder) must type in the old PIN and then the new PIN twice towards confirmation. Click the submit button.

Reset PIN by Automated Phone Service:

1. The Cardholder must dial the number on the backside of the card. One must press 1 to have a current card. Then again, Press one will activate, obtain balance, review transactions, or any cardholder information. 

2. Enter the card number of the prepaid card that contains the last 4 of SSN, and CVV.

3. The Cardholder must say ‘change PIN’ and reset the password by entering the new password two times.

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