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e sadhana ap gov in: The government of Andhra Pradesh has launched an official portal that benefits women and children in their developmental process. The beneficiaries of the government-run women’s development and child welfare department are women, children, and senior citizens of A.P. Under the instructions of the Government of A.P, the Women Development and Child Welfare Department handle the responsibility of initiating and executing the ongoing schemes. The departmental database is recorded on the web portal at

e sadhana ap gov in MIS Login at

eSadhana Portal Features Aspects Such As:

1. The development programmes are hosted on the e sadhana portal of the Department of Women Development & Child Welfare and the services that come of direct use to these beneficiaries are as follows.

2. The web portal performs its functions that are dependent on the management information system.

3. The portal has an AWC monitoring tool and even the common application software of ICDS.

4. The portal contains a dashboard of Poshan Abhiyan, a dashboard of ARS Kishori Vikasam. The department in its mission to take care of the nutritional issues of mother and child does supply eggs and milk.

5. The entire scheme is tracked on the portal system by deploying the necessary analytics.

Department for Development of Women & Child in AP:

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has created a department for the Development and Welfare of Women and Children in the Secretariat in 1987 although the developmental programmes were in force since 1973. The department of Women’s welfare has formulated and implemented policies for women and children and conducted programmes that were intended to bring about a welfare activity.

3-Themes for Development, Protection, & Nutrition:

1. The Department has initiated three specific schemes Integrated Child Development Scheme, Integrated Child Protection Scheme, and State Nutrition Mission. ICDS began on October 02 1975, and the same scheme spread over the entire nation in 2006.

2. ICPS is a centrally sponsored scheme with a motive to support and nurture in the development of the child in a protective environment.

3. The A.P. government has pledged to bring down the malnutrition level to the minimum in the next 10 years. The State Nutrition Mission was launched by the Honorable AP CM Jaganmohan Reddy Garu.

Vision: To create a conducive environment for the child’s growth, and development, in addition, nurture the child to obtain every available opportunity.


1. Implementation of cross-cutting policies and programmes that enables the empowerment of women in the social and economic order.

2. Educating the women and children about the rights involved in facilitating the institutional and legislative support to make them realize and conceptualize human rights.

3. The institutions and legislature should enable the women and child communities to develop to their full potential.

Integrated Child Development Services A Program World’s Largest Community-base:

Launched in 1975, designated under the sector of child development, it has an independent official website:, and it is quoted under the Ministry of Women and Child Development. Integrated Child Development Services, ICDS, is the world’s largest community-based programme and its targeted audience are mother and child. The child’s health and psychological aspects are monitored for up to six years, and for a mother and a woman in general, the preferred age group is 16-44 years. The community-based programme is based on supplementary nutrition, pre-school and informal education is imparted. The government primary care centers take care of nutrition and health education, immunization, conduct health checkups and encourage referral services. 

Integrated Nutrition Support Programme:

The basic need to improvise the nutritional outcomes for children, pregnant women, and lactation mothers has converged the formation of a mission programme. Mission Poshan 2.0 is a targeted approach by deploying the technology in place to achieve the nutrition support programme.

MIS Login at

The department of Women Development and Child Welfare has a huge database of employees from grass root Anganwadi to Secretariat level in the A.P. To benefit the employees, the WDCW has designed a useful HR resource software tool for their employees.

1. The employee must visit the link i.e. and on the homepage, one must click the management information system link. A new web screen shall be on display.

esadhana MIS Login page

2. The employee must enter all the details, such as user name, password, and the security pin. (It is the image made available below the security pin blank. The employee must click on the submit button to complete the MIS login process. 

Login for Common Application Software at

1. The employee must enter the official web portal of e-Sadhana, and click on the e-sadhana Option on the menu section.

tap on e sadhana

2. The homepage comprises a series of weblinks that suit specific purposes, likewise, on the top-right menu, one must click the CAS link as shown below.

CAS Login here

3. The web portal redirects the webpage to the next page, the employee is advised to enter the login credentials in the CAS and it will result in the display of more services.

4. The employee can seek benefits from different services made available on the tab.

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